Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Are You A Deeper Life Member????

Lately I have been having conversations with women here in Nigeria that go like this:
Lady: Hey is that all your hair?
Me: Yes
Lady: oh okay, so are you a Deeper Life member?
Me: No, it is a personal choice to wear my hair out this way.
Lady: But why don't you use a relaxer to straighten your hair then?
Me: I do not want to straighten my hair because I like having a curl pattern.(Didn't she get the 'it's a personal choice')
Lady: Okay. (Looks at me as if I stole her blackberry or sth).
Me: Struts off with my bad self knowing I left an impact anyway.
Well folks that is the story of a kinky girl's life here in Nigeria. The way natural hair is perceived in Nigeria is sickening. I will feature more of these convos on this blog henceforth because they are well...fun hehehe. Remain blessed folks.


  1. lol i am not surprised..they dnt understand "natural" hair in nigeria..it just doesn't make sense y u would carry ur hair that way.

  2. Tell me abt it dear the thing tire me jare. Once they see you with ur hair out they think you have issues or sth. I will show em how beautiful our hair can be so they can bring on the ignorant questions.