Saturday, January 24, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello My Luvs, So so...I know, I know its been ages. Now, once again it's no fault of your girl, but blame it on work and all things that comes with "life". No, but for real though, I've missed coming here and just sharing my fierce hair experiences. I will not make promises for now but I hope and pray nothing comes between me and you guys again. Amen...Once I have something to share with y'all, I will do just that. Now let's get to the fun part which is my hurr. No scratch that, before the big reveal (well nothing really special, but boy was I feeling my hair) I will use this post to bring you guys up to date on my hair growth and protective styles from 2013-2014. Enjoy and have a wonderful 2015!
PS: Boy oh boy, I was really into my protective styling...gotta let those edges breathe.

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