Saturday, March 28, 2015

You Think These are Braids??? Well look again. It's a 'BraidWig'.

So while I was minding my business on IG, I came across this Toke Makinwa's picture. Her braids were of course giving me life, until she said this...wait for it...Yep it is a wig! She would have fooled me for a min. It looks so like the real deal and I think I want one. Now ladies, we all know how our behinds be hurting and depending on the kind of braids you get, the hot water ordeal is no joke. Yea I think I will pass, just give me a wig. Don't get me wrong, I still luv me some braids (without the torture). See more pictures of the 'Braidwig' she has been sporting lately. Would you wear it? Yay or Nay. Photo (Toke Makinwa/Intagram)

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