Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My hair update

I have not posted anything for a while, because I thought I knew my hair very well in regards to what it can or can't do but was in for a surprise. For the past 3 months my hair has been in a protective hairstyle (Yarn braids) and my goal was to retain length that way. Well that goal of mine wasn't accomplished because I came to find out that kind of protective hairstyle was drying out my hair, thus causing breakage. Yes even though the style was cute and low maintenance, it was doing more damage to my hair and I aim for growing healthy hair not just one that looked cute. I am glad to say that I have stopped using yarn as a protective style for now (took them down yesterday) and I trimmed my hair (which was needed to be done in the first place). I now have my hair in jumbo two strand twists. I will probably have these jumbo twists in till Thursday, after which I plan to wear a twist out for the weekend. I will definitely be posting some pictures so stay moisturized :)

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