Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Taking Down a Protective Hairstyle (Genie Locs/Yarn Braids)

So I finally took down my protective style (genie locs/yarn braids) and it feels so good to touch my scalp giving it a deep wash. Taking it down was an interesting experience because it was my first time putting yarn in my hair. My observations while I had in the braids for a month were as follows:
1.They looked so natural like locs
2.They were very versatile when it came to the different styles I could pull off
3.They retained moisture and I loved it (I could have moisturized more though)
4.I washed them, but they were so heavy after that and took time to dry (Next time I would just wash my scalp with baking soda and avoid the rest of the braids).
5.I noticed if left for a longer period of time i.e 2-3 month my hair would start loc up in the braids.
6.Overall this type of protective style still remains one of my staple styling when it comes to retaining hair length.

Things you will need when taking down your yarn braids are:
1.A pair of scissors
2.A rattail comb
3.Moisturizer of your choice to give slip to braids

Methods used to unravel the braids were:
1.Cutting off some of the yarn due to long length.
2.Grabbing both ends of the yarn and pull them apart.
3.When I couldn't pull apart anymore, I used the rattail comb to loosen the knots.

My hair regimen after I took out my braids was:
1.I washed my hair with Crème of Nature kiwi and citrus ultra moisturizing shampoo with some drops of glycerin.
2.I then used my fingers (you can use a comb if you choose, depending on what detangling method works for you) and started detangling while the shampoo was still sitting in my hair.
3.I rinsed off the shampoo and used the Aussie Moist conditioner to further detangle my hair and remove all the dead hair.
4.After washing my hair, I used my Kids Organics Shea Butter detangling hair lotion on my damp hair.
5.I decided to complete my detangling process by using my Organics Olive Oil leave in conditioner to part my hair and rake through with my fingers while doing a chunky two strand twist at the same time.

My hair is currently in a chunky two strand twist and I use my Shea butter oil to massage my scalp increasing blood circulation to promote hair growth.

Remember use you your fingertips not your nails when it comes to massaging your scalp.

Here are pictures of my yarn braids as I take them down, and hours after I was done with them which was not fun:


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