Friday, April 2, 2010

How To: The Big Chop

So this is a guide for a friend of mine that has been transitioning to natural hair and she is finally trying to cut of the relaxed parts. This process of cutting off your relaxed ends and retaining your natural hair is also known as the Big Chop. I want to five her steps to go about it and help her big chop the right way without cutting off too much of her natural growth. Remember before you decide to embark on cutting off your relaxed texture, you need to be sure that it is really what you are comfortable doing. You also want to make sure the length that you decide to cut off you relaxed ends is the length you are comfortable starting you natural hair journey with. Know if you are really sure this is something you are confident in doing, here are some pointers below to bear in mind when doing the big chop.

Tools to use:
1. A pair of sharp scissors
2. Conditioner
3. Comb
4. Spray bottle containing water or just wet your hair in the bathroom beforehand.

How to Big Chop:
1. Wet your hair to help identify your different hair textures (relaxed/permed ends from natural hair texture/new growth)
2. You could also add conditioner to your hair before you start cutting. This helps to bring out your natural hair curl pattern and make them more defined.
3. At this point, you want to make sure as you begin snipping those relaxed ends off, you DO NOT pull or stretch the hair when cutting to avoid mistaking your new growth for your relaxed hair. So please make sure the person cutting your hair bears that in mind.
4. As you go with cutting the permed ends, you make sure you re-wet your hair and try to trim down as much of the relaxed ends as possible.
5. After you are done trimming off the last few strands of the permed ends,you can now give your natural hair a full wash with shampoo and conditioner of your choice.
6. Finally, you can now go ahead and style as desired. Girl you are now ready to dazzle the world with you beautiful natural hair.

This is where I wish you good luck in your journey and happy growing. Please make sure your overall goal with you natural hair is to keep it in a healthier state than it was at prior to the big chop.

Click video link below to check out more useful tips:

Update on my hair: Yes I still have them in jumbo twists and yes I will definitely be doing my product reviews. So please stay tune and remember stay moisturized.


  1. This is like taking a walk down memory lane...went natural about nine years ago, started locking about six years ago. My locs are halfway down my back now. How come the survey doesn't include dreadlocks as a "protective" style for growing your hair??? Inquiring minds want to know! :)

  2. Oh yea tell me about it dear even when I had no hair i never imagined i could get to this length. As for the dreadlocks as a protective hairstyle i feel it is a way for people to permanently wear their hair not a protective, just like i wear my natural hair loosely. Unless you refer to faux locs which is under extentions in the questions.