Monday, April 12, 2010

Just In: Vogue Black (Black Beauty)

Yes we all like to know what is going on and we definitely don't like to be left in the dark when it comes to the new fashion trends be it hair, make-up, clothes, and what have you. So I have decided to feature a new segment on my blog and it is going to be called "Just In", which is news on latest fashion trends in beauty especially when it comes to our natural black beauty.

On today's Just In, I will be touching on a new subdivision by Vogue Italia called Vogue Black, which shows black fashion and beauty in its entirety. This new addition by Vogue Italia features different black models and vintage fashion. Furthermore On Vogue Black, they have a segment called Black Beauty which features an article called "Afro Something". This article celebrates black women that are natural, pretty, and stylish.
I am so excited for this new division from Vogue Italia because it talks about black beauty and also places huge emphasis on our natural beauty.Please go to the Vogue Italia link below and check it out because it will surely blow your mind. Good stuff I tell you. Please continue to stay tuned for more and remember stay moisturized. Follow and don't forget to comment.

Click on link below to visit Vogue Black

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