Friday, February 17, 2012

Styling Feature: Pompadour...part 2.....

Few weeks back I traveled out of town for like a 3-day stay and wanted a style that will prevent me from manipulating my hair that much. To cut down on styling my hair each morning, I had the back of my hair french rolled very tightly by my mom (using lots and lots of bobby pins) while leaving out section of hair in the front for my pompadour style. Now rewind to a week before my travel, which I did a hot oil treatment (EVOO and Castor oil),deep conditioned, and put my hair in medium two strand twists. The morning of my travel I unraveled my twists and of course french rolled the back, and then pinned up the left out hair in front without combing out the twists. My entire 3-day stay I rocked a pompadour style, and all I did was brush up my french roll and pin up my front hair into a pomp. In the night before bed all I do is to moisturize with my butter mix and then tie up my hair. Below are pictures of the twists I rocked for a few days and then pictures of my pompadour styles while out of town. I hope you all have great weekend and remain blessed.

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