Thursday, March 1, 2012

Viola Davis ditch the wig for Oscars.

Hey lovelies how is it going, hope your week has been fabulous. So as I was watching the Oscars this week I was blown away by how a woman can own who she is and not be dictated by the norm. I am talking about no other person than Viola Davis. She looked elegant with her TWA and owned the red carpet while at it. I loved her confidence and the fact that she mentioned her husband being the main reason for stepping into her true self. I like a woman that gives credit to whom it is due. I respect the fact that she came out in a very formal setting as the Oscars with her natural short hair and looked very beautiful. My oh my did she look breathtaking, and I will include a picture of her with her short wigs and a picture of her natural hair at the Oscars (lovely Vera Wang gown). The moral of this is that we women of color need to embrace our natural hair whether virgin or relaxed.The ultimate goal is for us to be comfortable with our own hair regardless of any form of extensions we wear. Are you confident enough wearing your own hair to any occasion whether formal or informal, and if so do you feel beautiful while doing so? I leave you with this question for you and your conscience to answer sincerely. Have a lovely weekend loves :) Viola's short wigs and natural hair
Viola Rocks her own hair for Oscars 2012
Had to show the gown :)
Viola Davis featured in the LA Times magazine
Now compare it with her short wig and tell me what you think.

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