Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Current Hair Style: Braids and Twist-out Combo

I am rocking a cool hairdo and I am loving it, because for the first time I had my own hair braided up at the sides and then left out part of my front hair. It will be the second week rocking this hairstyle and I think I will do more of them in the future. This look was achieved by braiding up both the sides of my hair and french rolling it in the middle, then I left my hair out in the front for a twist out. I used a lot of bobby pins for this style so be ready to have them handy. Below I will post pictures of the look, but remember not all styles is for everybody, so try and make it your own if you choose to try out a new hairdo. The key to styling is to find a style that best flatters your facial shape. Remain blessed luvs and hope y'all had a lovely Easter.

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