Monday, November 23, 2009

Moisturizing From Within

I cannot stress how important water is for the body and hair. I always come across people complaining that their hair growth and health is suffering even after gulping 10 or more vitamins here and there. I see it like so, if we want to take fully care of our body and hair we need to take care of our inside, as well as we do the outside. We need to follow a healthier lifestyle from what we eat which include foods that takes care of our immune system, organs, and skin, to what we use on the skin in the form of products. I am no saint when it comes to keeping a strict healthy lifestyle. However, I think the key to healthy living is not just being on a diet and not being able to enjoy all kinds of food, but to be disciplined to know when enough is enough. I mean when you eat healthy, but at the same time enjoy other things to a minimum keeping in mind that too much of those things are doing your body more harm than good, then I think you will be fine. I love chocolates, cakes, sweets, ice cream, and you name them, but I try to distance myself from those things and have them only when I WANT to have them, and not because I NEED to have them due to some constant cravings.

I will nonetheless commend myself for my decision to eliminate as much soda as possible from my daily liquids. I stick strictly to drinking water and I mean for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, even in restaurants I order water (ok I started that at first because drinks are so expensive in these restaurants). Increasing my water intake has helped tremendously when it comes to my skin and hair. I have no breakouts or black heads, and when I do get a pimple or two on rare occasions, I don't go out putting all kinds of facial products but increase my water intake instead. Water is key for my hair type. I try to take in as much of it as I can and at the same time keep in moisture by spraying water in my hair daily. I take my multivitamins and all (well I skip some days here and there), but all those things won't fall into place unless WATER is made part of your daily ritual. We are required to consume 8 to 10 glass of water daily and trust me some days I fail to meet that requirement, and it shouldn’t be so. If you deny the body the required water it needs, your body becomes dehydrated and the cells in your body stop to reproduce; including the cells that drive hair growth. Look at it this way you have to keep taking in water so as to replace the ones lost through urine, sweat, and waste removal.

Remember water is essential because it flushes out toxins from the body and this gives healthy skin and hair. So keep your body hydrated and keep your hair moisturized.

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