Monday, November 30, 2009

I Miss My Own Hair :(

Yes I miss my own hair! Currently I have on a protective hairstyle (Genie locs/yarn braids) and I miss having my own hair out, being able to style it and change it up when I want to. Back in my relaxed days, the emotions were different because I always dreaded the moment I was going to take out my braids or weaves. I was fearful of how much natural growth I will have to smear relaxer on to straighten the nappy growth, and that thought alone didn't make me look forward to getting rid of any protective styles I had at that time.

Anyways I am here trying to decide if I should take down my protective hairstyle or leave them in a little longer, and I ran by the most inspiring natural hair video that I had to share with you guys.

This video is compiled so beautifully and it validates my believe that NATURAL IS BEAUTIFUL. Please I hope you watch the video below and share your comments.

Continue to stay beautiful inside and out.

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