Friday, June 4, 2010

Protective Hairstyles and Update on my hair.

Hello hello i'm back yes i'm back. Okay about protective hairstyles, which are first of all very necessary to do if you intend to give your hair a break. Protective hairstyle are styles that protect the ends of the hair from rubbing against your clothes or protecting against harsh elements due to its vulnerability to break off. The other thing about protective hairstyling is that it is great for retaining length. Now it can only retain length if we take good care of our hair and not add too much stress to it. Taking care of our hair is not just washing it and putting on a protective style and calling it a day, it is when we actually give it the extra attention it needs such as making sure it is always moisturized and refraining from extra pulling or tight styles. We need to keep our hair moisturized and not leave it dry to be damaged by our protective styles. It is important that if we must protect our hair with styles such as buns, phonytails (drawstring ponytails), wigs (full and half), sew-in weaves, Rollersets, Braids, cornrows, updo's or pinned up styles, braidouts, bantu knots and twistouts, we must take care of our hair from the inside out.

The reasons protective hairstyles are important are as follows
1.Keeps our hair hidden away.
2.retains moisture into our hair.
3.Keeps it from drying out.
4.Prevents splits ends.
5.Needs less combing and brushing.
6.Causes less breakage.

As part of my hair update, I want to say currently I have been on a protective hair challenge and the first phase was just doing a two strand twists and tucking my hair away. As of today onward I decided to do something different and not only did I two strand my hair, I also decided to cover it up with a half wig. Yes people your girl is wigging it out this summer and I love it because it is something different, and you know I loves my curly styles.

Remember ladies it is not so much that we protect our hair with these styles, but that we actually keep our own hair in healthy conditions. Look at it this way why protect your hair and in the end come out with your hair being unhealthy and having to start from scratch. Until next time continue to remain moisturized.


  1. Love your blog girl and you are lookinsg feirce with your half wig. I tend to like my yarn and two strand twist with Bob Marley hair. I. Starting to think I rather have my hair in a protective style than wear it out. Lol. Anyway keep it up!

  2. i love your blog! please what type of wig is this? it's beautiful! it's really dificult to find a very good curly wig :( thanks.

  3. Thank you dears and sorry for the late reply luvs. I don't get notifications on new comments posted and if y'all know how I can set that up to be receiving notifications I will be grateful.
    @ thy doth thank you dear and I feel you on the protective styles sometimes you just wanted to keep em ends hidden away lol. Thank you dear for visiting and commenting on my blog and hope you continue to support :).
    @ Luv2spy I made the wig but the hair was from sensationnel and it was a synthetic hair. Yes it is also difficult to find full ones that is why I just decided to make me one. Thank you my sister for visiting the blog and do come again!

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