Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pompadour/Janelle Monae Inspired Look

Ok so I had this mini rant in my last blog entry about lacking creativity in styling my hair. Well this morning I was inspired by the pompadour look and decided to put a little Janelle Monae into it (can't wait for my hair to get to her length man), and Voila I came up with this look.

How to achieve look:
1. I sectioned out some of my front hair and did jumbo two strand twist before going to bed and wrapped it up.
2. In the morning I took out the twists and comb it out and made like a bun thing in front of my hair
3. Slicked the side down with gel and held with bobby pins (Bobby pins are my best friends).
4. Attached my flower headband to give it that chic look and off to church I went.

Note: Random Hairstyles are best.

Thank you and I will continue to post different styles so stay tuned and moisturized.


  1. This is a very good and very cute look for you. Yay:) Pompadours and 'frohawks are always good styles to resort to.

  2. Aww thank you n yes Pompadours and frohawks/any pin up styles are hair styles that save the day :)...thank you for commenting dear.

  3. I had achieved a similar look with my hair too, at one point I put a lil hat over it and just had the pompadour was cute! What is your regiment? I am still looking for a way to maintain length with my hair ;/