Sunday, July 4, 2010

Memorial Day Feature: Natural Hair Story

Happy Memorial Day to all!!!

I decided to celebrate Memorial Day by sharing an inspiring hair story from a fellow natural who has been one of my hair idols :). Please read and make sure you check out this Diva's beautiful and fierce pictures.

Where are you from? How's the natural scene there?
I am originally from Nigeria, but now reside in Houston, TX. The natural scene here is amazing. You see a lot of natural sistas proudly rocking their hair. In my church alone the natural scene is refreshing. I am so proud to see a lot of the younger ladies boldly wearing their hair natural.

Why did you go natural and how long did you transition?
Ok, I don’t have a dramatic, poetic story for why I went natural…lol. I had always had healthy hair, my mother was a hair stylist, I use to get my hair permed no more than four times a year so I just got to a point where I decided it wasn’t necessary for me. Also as an athlete I would sweat out my perm in less than a week and I wore a lot of braids. I transitioned for about a year.

How long have you been natural?
I have been natural for 5yrs. My last perm was April 2005

How did your family, friends, and strangers react to your B.C. or you decision to be natural?
Oh gosh my mom had the hardest time with it and that was the reason why I never did the B.C. she would always say “you will not cut your hair and look like a boy” which was fair, I guess because back then like I said I was an athlete and a bit muscular…lol. So I gradually cut my hair in between braids and weaves. My sisters, friends, and strangers love my hair and my dad is indifferent, but he is quick to talk about me when I do some funny

What's your hair texture like and your daily hair care regimen/favorite hair styling for it?
Oh gosh I suffer from hair vanity…lol. I really do thank God for my hair texture. My hair is soft, cotton like. It is easy to comb and take care of. People, when I do let them touch my hair, usually comment on how soft it is. I don’t know my hair type because I am not really big on that but it like a small spiral curl. I don’t have a strict hair regimen, but I am working on building one. I am a wash and go type of girl, but now that I want to actually grow my hair I am planning on doing a lot more protective styles like: twists and braids, I just really hate taking the time to do it.

How has going natural affected your self confidence and personal sense of style?
I really don’t know if going natural affected my self confidence because I have always been a confident person, but I do notice at times that I would note to myself “you gotta be confident to wear this style” and that would bring a smile to my face knowing that I am stepping out bold. My personal sense of style evolves as I get older, not because of my hair but because my taste change. I don’t follow trends, I just do me.

What are your favorite hair products that you can't do without and will recommend to other naturals?
My favorite hair products are oils and Shea butter and my all time fave for wash and go was the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in. Now I am so in love with my Kimmaytube Leave-in conditioner mix. You should check her out if you haven’t already. The conditioner mixes is the business, but remember what works for her may not work for you, but I am just glad my hair loves it.

Lastly, what words of encouragement do you have for those who are transitioning to go natural or who are already natural and need that extra boost to stay confident and beautiful in their journey?
Love your hair at every stage and accept what you have, and don’t get hair envy. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made by God with our own distinct quality. We should not be our hair, but a woman’s hair is her glory so take care of it and will respond well.

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