Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wedding Hairstyle

So I attended a wedding last weekend and I was a little nervous on how I was going to pull off a style for it. I wanted to look chic and I decided an updo with the sides slicked down will be practical for the look I was going for. On the day of the wedding it rained that morning, and although my hair shrunk a little bit, it still maintained its sheen and fluffiness.

How to achieve the look:
1. Washed my hair and did a hot oil treatment a week in advance.
2. Blow dried it on low heat with my heat protectant.
3. I did a two strand twists which I had in for 3-4 days.
4. On Saturday morning I unravelled the twists and added my leave in conditioner (Review coming soon).
5. As for styling I parted my hair into two sections and braided the back part coming upwards. I used my styling gel to slick the sides down and held them in place with ouchless bobby pins. As for my front I decided to just tease it and let it run wild and do its thing.

Result: I loved the outcome (More pictures below)!!!

Thank you for visiting and until next time continue to remain moisturised.

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  1. i wish to try this! but my hair doesn't shrink up alot and it's a bit longer i think lol luv this

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