Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hair for the Show.

So as most of you already know I was one of the finalist in Make me the Next Model 2 and the show was held last Friday. All in all it was a fulfilling experience and I met the most awesome people :). Although I didn't win, it opened me to what the industry has to offer and gave me the confidence needed to venture into it. Now lets get down to the hair of the occasion which I will say was my fav by far in all my styles done. It was edgy and I loved how it fitted my face just perfectly. I will say though that I was really really impressed by how the stylists handled the styling. She asked me what style I was looking to do and with my direction here and there we created magic :).

How to achieve the look:
1. Well prior to the show I treated my hair for a week and made sure it was moisturised.
2. A day before the show I stretched it out and just pinned it up.
3. On that day the stylist just used a styling gel (which worked wonders but forgot to ask the name) to gel down the sides and did a french roll for the back.
4. She teased the front and voila my style was born.

Pictures are down below so let me know what you think. Thank you for stopping by and until next time continue to remain moisturised(lol I know it sounds corny but I like).


  1. You are still a winner Ngozi!!What a fantastic experience it was for you as well! You look fab! Keep shinning!!Yem

  2. Thank you my beautiful sister. The experience was priceless so I am thankful. Take care and hope all is well. God bless.