Saturday, January 28, 2012

Current Hair Update.

In my update post I mentioned my big chop which took place in November of 2010, and now over a year later, I am glad to see how healthy and manageable my hair has become. I really do not regret doing another major big chop (5th one in over 5 year yikes)because each journey brought me closer to understanding my texture better. Anywho I digress, enough on big chops and now on to my current location which is in Nigeria YAYYYY!!! Yup yup I am in Nigeria man and my hair is having a bitter sweet relationship with the present climate. Right now it is harmattan season, which means dry and hot in the day time and cooler at nights. This change of environment of course calls for a change in hair regimen and styling. And for my hair products I have learned less is more so shea butter (unrefined) and heavy carrier oils are my staple products. My styling has changed from leaving my hair out to protecting all or some of my ends. I intend to share the styles I currently rock in Nigeria. The beauty of my hair is how versatile it is and I love it! Remain blessed y'all. PS: Below is a picture of me with my yarn braids which I did (Thanks to my luv Uju) before travelling to Nigeria.

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