Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Things I Am Loving: Scarves

Okay here is the thing, I have a lot of time on my hands right now so I decided to spoil y'all with posts, but don't get use to it lol. Henceforth I will be adding a new feature on the blog called "Things I am Loving". This will be a way to let you know of the things I am currently obsessed with and how I intend to cure such craze. My current love is for all things scarves and I tell you man can't get enough. Arriving in Nigeria with a few of my hair products (Thanks to Continental baggage restriction), I was forced to rely on scarves which served a my cover up for my busted hair. Now I am hooked, can't get enough of em bad boys, and even plan to build up on my collection ASAP :). Scarves are so easy to work with, and by incorporating different styles you can look very elegant wearing them. The good news is that they serve as a great protective styling, but make sure materials used do not cause breakage to the hair. Below is a picture collage of some of the ways I wear them and hope this gives you ideas on how to have fun with your scarves. Thank you and remain blessed.

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