Friday, May 18, 2012

Be Hair Inspired: TY Bello

Hey beautiful people, hope your day is going well and productive. I have always admired women with beautiful afro textured hair, be it their natural hair or with extensions. I would like to share my findings with you all and hopefully you too will be inspired by their beautiful manes. Today I could not stop myself from just drooling over fellow Nigerian TY Bello's hair. You all know this talented lady, a singer and photographer, TY Bello. Her hair is always fierce, and not long ago she opened up on her hair secrets on twitter.
Its taken me a couple of years of practice with natural hair texture to figure out what works for my hair. I have natural hair and texturise very lightly though, because I start to have my hair break once my texturised curl pattern is different from that of my natural growth. A few years ago, Banke Meshida introduced me to kinky curly, so I use the whole range. I love my own hair, but work has me on the move all the time and I find that unless its twisted ,my natural hair tends to revert with naija humidity.. So my sisters.. I’ve learnt to love my weave.(Source)
You heard it right, she texturises her hair to loosen her curls and still maintains a curl pattern. She also is not afraid to rock a weave that blends in well with her texture. I love her method and I do it as well, because it gives me the ease to work with my curls which lessens breakage. TY Bello is a fresh of breath air in a society that is anti-afro texture like Nigeria.

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