Saturday, May 19, 2012

Just Had A Hairgasm!

Yes you heard it right hairgasm. According to the urban dictionary, it is the feeling you get seeing the final look of your hair, and when the feel of it all makes you want to go home and play with your self if no one else will because you look just that great. From now on this will be a new feature on this blog and I will try my best to capture my hairgasm moments :). I have posted pictures of my hair and me feeling funky with myself, but henceforth these posts will be titled 'Just Had A Hairgasm'. These is definitely not my first hairgasm neither will it be my last. If you haven't had a hairgasm with your own natural hair, then you are missing a beautiful thing. Okay enough of the hairgasm talk, let me now show some pictures of my braids and twists combo revisited. Good night and remain blessed.

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