Saturday, May 12, 2012

Natural Bridal Hairstyle

Hey luvs, I had promised to feature my bridal hairstyle I did a year and half ago for a photo shoot. The general perception out there is that natural hair is not elegant or suitable for weddings (especially for the bride)as would be straightened hair. Well I am here to tell you that these perceptions are wrong, and you can look beautiful with your own hair if carried with confidence. It does not matter whether straight hair or not, you can be as pretty as you wanna be if you put a little creativity into your look. I hate following trends so would rather think outside the box when it comes to my style and all. This hairstyle was actually done without putting too much thought into it and just winging it. I actually started off with stretching my hair out with plaits and sectioned out the back using bobby pins to create a french roll. The front was left out to create a variation of the pompadour look. It was really effortless to create and did not cost a penny to do :). I wanted to also add some kind of hair ornament but they didn't want me to distract from the dress which was the focal point. I will post some pictures and a link to one of my favorite blogger's site, Curly Nikki. I pray this perception of 'natural hair and wedding do not go together' is dispelled in the near future.
Check out Curly Nikki's site to see some beautiful natural hair brides.

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  1. Your hair looks really nice. Very simple, but elegant for your wedding. I love natural hair too and am so over people telling me that my hair won't look professional natural or that I look like a teenager and that I need to put something in my hair for it to stay better. Thank you for the inspiration and I'm so proud to see someone rocking their natural hair with pride on such an occasion.