Monday, May 7, 2012

Scarf Day Again :)...

Hi Luvs, hope you all are doing well and kicking off the week in great spirits. Currently my hair is undergoing a one week break in plaits from my previous hairstyle. I decided after washing my hair thoroughly, deep conditioning and hot oil treatment, to just put them in jumbo plaits and let my hair rest from the stress. As you all know, with running errands and all, we all have to figure out a way to look presentable. Today I decided to just wrap up my hair in a scarf and get going. Remember when wearing a cotton scarf like I did,you should always wrap your hair in a silk or stain scarf/bonnet to avoid breakage. Below is a picture of the day with my favorite accessory. I also attached a video link of my favorite natural hair vlogger, Taren916. Enjoy and remain blessed.

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